Please don’t be confused by salons in the area with similar names.

Sometimes we have customers:

  • Make an appointment, and go to a different salon.
  • Leave a review for a different salon on our listing.

It’s easy to get confused, since there are several other salons with “Sunny” and “Salon” in the title. 

In fact, we have a former employee who opened a salon in an adjacent county, copied our corporate name exactly, and even put pictures taken at our salon up on her site. (Imitation is the highest form of complement, no?) We wish her well and don’t have time for lawyers, but we want to be sure you know, that is not us.


We are Sunny Salon on Washington Ave in Sunnyvale. Formally, Sunny Beauty Salon and Spa Inc.

We have two locations in Sunnyvale, at 149 and 143 E. Washington Ave. (Next door to each other).